Melissa St.Clair, owner Paper Chaser

I joined the Ignite Your Profits mastermind group led by Coach Jaynine Howard, (Ret), PhD (ABD), Owner of Dream Catcher – Turning Dreams to Reality after participating in her 21 Day Challenge. Not only have I experienced a boost to my business and my professional development but have witnessed the accelerative effect on the achievements of my fellow members. Through this experience, I have been able to launch five projects in the first two quarters of 2014 that had previously been stalled; hosted my first teleclass in the third quarter; and am rounding out the year with a campaign promoting one of the products launched during her tutelage. I’ve utilized techniques learned to enhance my social media content and overall online presence, and implement strategies to get more of my projects accomplished at a faster rate than going it alone as a solopreneur.
                                              --- I keep envisioning the MasterCard marketing campaign “PRICELESS”

Member Benefits

(2) Coaching Calls per month that are recorded.

(1) 10 minute 1 on 1 coaching session with me         or you can "bank" them and use several             sessions for one lengthy session

Secret Facebook Group Membership

Me Watching You Online and Providing You Feedback. 

....and much much more.

Join Today​ for $47

Join TODAY for $47

Join my Mastermind Family

 TODAY for $47.00

If you are just starting your business and think that you aren't "established" enough to need to attend one of Coach Jaynine's retreats or to work with her as coach, you should reconsider!!

I have been attending Coach Jaynine's retreats for (???four years???).  The first year that I attended I was just getting my business started, and it confirmed to me that I was on the right track. She has continued to encourage me to grow both as a business owner and as a professional. 


                                  Paula Bradley, owner Amazing Love  


My Mastermind Group is where you get access to ME - your coach - watching you online and providing you the gentle nudge, inspiration, and coaching so that YOU turn your dreams into reality.

Breakthroughs You Can Expect – Generate More Leads, Create Passive Income, Learn to use Social Media to Generate Leads, Find Your Niche Market, Close More Sales, and much much more.

If you are ready to see your profits accelerate join me for my Ignite Your Business Profits Mastermind Group.


​Member Benefits

Virtual meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month at 12pmEST. All calls are recorded.

You get to participate in a Secret Facebook Group where challenge questions are posted.

(1) 10 minute 1 on 1 coaching session with me each month or you can "bank" these sessions and use as one longer session

and lot's of surprises throughout the year for opportunities to earn free coaching sessions.

Make 2016 the year you Ignite Your Profits!

You can cancel at anytime. There is no long term commitment.

​Mastermind Group value is over $300.00 per month in resources.   

If you answered
"YES" to any of these questions then you are an ideal candidate for my Ignite Your Profits Mastermind Group.

​ Do you sometimes feel like you are all alone on a
deserted  island?

​ Are you tired of following different coaches who profess
to have the magic cure for your business blues?

​ Are you ready to swallow your pride and seek advice
from business owners and other professionals that have
 been where you are?

Are you ready to contribute fresh ideas and help
others grow increase their profits?

​ Are you ready to be part of a mastermind group where
you  get challenged, support, and inspired to take bold
​ steps so you can ignite your profits?

​ ​Are you ready to challenge your self?

Are you ready to act on your dream and take bold
steps with support from me and like minded
​ business owners and professionals?

Gain the Competitive Edge - Join my Mastermind Group Family TODAY!

Business Owners, Sales Managers, Executives and Service Professionals

I look forward to having you in my Ignite Your Profits Mastermind Group.

My goal is to help you turn your dreams into reality.

My Facebook Secret Group allows you to ask questions, exchange ideas, solicit feedback on a project or idea as well as receive motivation, inspiration, strategies and tips daily from me and the group members. 

We are one big happy family. Family won't pacify you. Family tells you what you sometimes don't want to hear but is for your own good. I welcome you into our family!

Join my family. You can cancel your membership at any time with no questions asked. But, I know you won't want to. You will want to stay forever. Family is forever. 

I met Coach Jaynine Howard, Owner of Dream Catcher – Turning Dreams to Reality at a meeting where she was the guest speaker and immediately joined her 21 Day Challenge. Since then, I have had an enviable position within the Ignite Your Profits mastermind group.

The mentorship that I have received from Jaynine as well as the interaction with my colleagues within the assemblage has provided me the means and motivation to be successful in any business endeavor that I have chosen to address. I credit company achievements, rank advancements and fiscal returns directly to my affiliation. Not only have I been able to work within my company, but I have been able to plan other projects, develop budgets, create strategies, properly utilize social media and most of all have the confidence to implement her instruction.  I have full trust and reliance in the capabilities of Coach Jaynine.

​                                                        Judy Essig, Small Business Owner  

Everybody needs someone to believe in them especially when you are a sole entrepreneur.  And when you are in business, you will have times you will need someone you can trust to not only tell things to but, has a sharp business mind to help you.  I heard a song could I live without you...and that is the way I feel about Coach Jaynine of Dream Catcher.  She is an advocate for me and my business, and she is great to bounce ideas and strategies off of.  As a business owner, you can't do this procedure with just anyone.  Even though, Jaynine is a friend, she also takes on the role of Coach and helps me clarify what I want, define my niche, pushes me to market (even when I feel inadequate or lazy about this) and reminds me how important an annual budget is to my business.  As business owners, hire yourself a coach that can be your board of will find...How did I live without you in my business!  

                                                                                                   Martha Vaughan, Invest in Your Wellness  


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