Live video and photo sharing are currently an exciting topic among technologists and futurists and it’s widely expected that it will play a big role in the way we communicate online going forward.

And for marketers, live video
, and photo sharing  is also very exciting. That’s because it presents us with an entirely new audience to market ourselves to, an entirely new way to interact with them and more.


Live video and photo sharing are excellent for engagement and allows you to reach your viewers in a way that will feel much more personal, intimate and direct.

There are a number of reasons that video is HOT: Firstly, the fact that the video is live means that your viewers feel as though you’re talking directly to them. Secondly, the fact that they can interact via comments and that you can respond to them means that they can actually have a live discussion with you. If you’re reviewing a product or conducting an AMA, you can actually answer questions right then and there!

Photo sharing allows viewers to quickly scan to see if they want to read more or learn about you and your products or services. People don’t feel like they are being “sold to” when viewing your photos.


Another of the biggest benefits of Facebook Live is that it feels incredibly new and exciting. That is to say,
thatassociatingyourself with live video streaming is something that will instantly make your personal brand, or your company, seem a lot more forward thinking.

Lack of Competition

In fact, Facebook Live is so new right now that there is hardly any competition there at all. This is a new exciting format that people can’t wait to check out – but when they view the Facebook Live Map there’s often hardly anything there to watch.

What does this mean? It means that you can create live video and almost every time you stream, you’ll come away with brand new followers and subscribers. This makes growing your audience incredibly easy!

Many people dabbled in Snapchat a few years ago but it is back with a vengeance to claim its market share with new features. You may have an Instagram account but do you really know what to do with it to monetize it?

Blab – well you all know I love Blab. It is a great to generate worldwide dominance for your niche.  Again, like Facebook Live it is new.

You Can Build Hype

A live video is an event. What’s more, this is an interactive event. If you’re good at building excitement and anticipation then, you can make this into something that your audience can’t wait for and you can get them counting down the days. By making your audience have to wait, you can effectively increase the excitement and anticipation by a large margin! And actually, this sort of content works particularly well if you’re building a sales funnel and you need a seminar to increase your engagement.

I can’t wait to work with each of you individually to design your strategy to use these platforms to train your team, demonstrate products, attract new clients, and grow your business.

It is time to:

*Create Excitement
*Engage with your followers
*Learn the latest strategies to stay ahead of your competition

2016 Social Media Bootcamp is my six-week program for business owners. Each week I will focus on one social media platform and if warranted, I will spend more time on the platform. I will review the basics of using the platform and then delve deep into advanced strategies so that you understand how to use each platform to its fullest capability.


You will receive:

Call Recording
Secret Facebook Group

Bonus Coaching:

You get (1) 
30-minute coaching session with me


Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Social Media Managers, Sales Managers, Direct Sales Representatives, Nonprofits and anyone who wants to learn the latest trends in social media.

Why Should Listen to Coach Jaynine: Jaynine’s work as a Coach has been recognized by professional organizations throughout the nation. She has served as a guest expert for the Huffington Post and has been quoted in Military Times and USAA magazine. Her Pinterest Board for job hunting and interviewing was listed as one of the Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job hunting. Jaynine’s expertise was also fundamental in the certification program for the Social Media Institute where she served as a test question contributor.

Her clients have increased their online presence by over 400% in one week after implementing the strategies she taught. Her online and offline marketing strategies contribute significantly to business owners increasing their revenue.

Testimonial – Dr. B., Eastern North Carolina

Coach Jaynine designed my social media strategy and managed my accounts for three years. She did her job too well. My Facebook Fan page had great interactions with my patients. The hospital where I am employed tried for several years to shut down my social media accounts saying they competed with their social media accounts. But, I saw the value the posts had for my patients and followers. Unfortunately, last December I had to close my accounts. I lost the battle with the hospital. My patients miss my posts. I highly recommend Coach Jaynine as a social media manager and Coach. If she is teaching a class – take it and implement the strategies she teaches you so you can have the same success I had. If you hire her to manage your accounts I am confident you will have success because she knows her business. She is the social media expert.

Testimonial - Kevin the Jeep Guy 

My introduction to Jaynine Howard came in 2013 about 6 weeks after completing my best ever month in the car business at that time. I had hit a longtime goal of 30 units only to realize that it was going to take a superhuman effort to reach that level of sales ever again - much less maintain it on a regular basis. It was at this point I reached into my address book looking for ideas to make excellent use of my time and maximize my efficiency. And then Coach Jaynine's number came across my desk through a mutual friend.

Within a few minutes of meeting her, I could immediately tell that she knew her stuff. And the next few weeks proved me right. Jaynine suggested that I focus more on my Social Media efforts to accelerate my prospecting efforts. What was refreshing was the fact that she did not provide me with the typical vague suggestions that most self-proclaimed "experts" in her line of work usually 
offer. Instead, she helped me map out a simple blueprint on how to leverage some of my unique content such as my daily "Topless Weather Report."

And then we were off to the races...

I won't bore you with the statistics regarding my increase in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers - because after all they are just numbers and don't mean anything at the end of the day if they are not engaged. All I can say is that Jaynine got me off the ferris wheel of cold prospects and on the golden road to social selling.

Thanks, Coach Jaynine!

Kevin McCarthy
Automotive Aficionado & Jeep Enthusiast
Mike Toler Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

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June 1

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